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Financial Literacy

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Job Readiness

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Empowerment workshops

To develop their full potential whatever it may be from become a singer lawyer,Doctor, Pediatrician it's a way of creating your life is what you most wanted to be come and do not let anyone tell you that you cannot be anything that you.


Interviewing Techniques 

Connecting students with employers and allowing them to listen to what they are looking for and what to say and how to cure yourself these employer's take the time to educate them and develop they're interviewing skills whether it be with the particular employer for any potential that they are interested in.


Resume writing

Since most middle and high school students age applicants will not supply employers with resumes those that you will gain an immediate edge by appearing more motivated mature and professional in their approach we develop and bring out their skills.


Job shadowing

TaylorMade outreach partners with different in a variety of employers and connects a participant with an employer and allow them to experience that career.



We match in Mentor with a minty to build relationships and continuously develop being their character and personality between the mentor and mentee.


Community service hours

There are a whole array about your opportunities who yearn for greater fulfilment through helping others whether it be court appointed high school completion hours or if you just want to serve on a project that are entirely flexible and immediately actionable: for an example administrative special events conferences organisation filing papers database, etc.


Financial literacy

It's the ability to understand how money works in the world and how someone manages to earn it and make it how that person manages it how that person manages and donate it to others TaylorMade outreach talks and teaches about household finances sitting financial goals developing a budget and sticking to it discuss finances openly and honestly and stay involved difference between good and bad debt avoiding money management mistakes educating on personal finances identifying irrelevant sources of info after that passing on the knowledge what you have learned. 


College Readiness

It's the combination of skills knowledge and habits of mind necessary to fully participate in college level courses at the level and above to complete never allow anyone to steal your dreams and telling you that you can't do anything our mission is to develop opportunities for the students to deep in their knowledge of academic content and increase the awareness of the importance of college readiness skills. 

Students will have the opportunity to start on a college dorm for a week to give them the experience before they graduate from high school we also provide development opportunities for students to increase the awareness of the importance of a college and to master the skills necessary for their postsecondary success.


Life skills 

We equip students to thrive in the classroom and in the world beyond the 21st century life skills are flexibility initiative social skills productivity and leadership.


Summer Business Institute

An experience from college bound juniors from African American Hispanic Native America Indian heritages if you are considering a career in business or economics there will be 5 days explorer various aspects of business aspects learn what it really takes to earn a degree as well as how to select the college that is right for you hear about creative ways of financing your education from scholarships to financial aid.


Job coaching

The student will be trained of an employer by and improve specialist which uses structure intervention techniques to help the employee learn to perform job tasks to the employers specification and to learn the interpersonal skills necessary to be accepted as a worker at the job site and in related community contact.


Teen parent support groups

Taking that parent and sharing the skills that is needed and will be relevant to the course of life we know that there is not a manual of parenting we don't have a book but there will be resources and heavy support to the one that still have a need in that direction.


Job fairs

TaylorMade outreach has partnered with a variety of different employers and colleges and universities every year TaylorMade outreach has a huge favor to provide opportunities for once to get the tools that they need to succeed to be empowered also there are career professional speakers there to talk and teach about what it is that they want to be we have employers providing 101 interviewing for their particular needs.