Selena Taylor has been tailor made for empowerment and outreach. For over 20 years, Selena has labored passionately to empower youth and adults with much needed resources to pursue and live their lives productively.


She is a messenger of hope and whenever (and wherever) you encounter Selena, you will be sure to find her planning, organizing, developing, or sharing some type of resource or empowerment experience that will elevate you to the next level.


Selena Taylor grew up in the heart of South Seattle in Holly Park. She grew up being the only child and went through a season of rebellion. Through her adolescent years, she made a downward spiral causing problems that would affect her in many ways.


Fortunately, Selena had a light bulb moment. She knew this was not what she wanted for her life. She knew that she wanted to change and ultimately help others do the same. This led her to many opportunities to be reached and then to be changed through service. The DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative. She was chosen to be apart of a 15-month cohort that allowed her to travel across many states to learn values and skills necessary to bring her Outreach to a new level of effectiveness.  Empowerment and empowering would become the center of Selena's life mission. She began to seize opportunity after opportunity to partner with groups and organizations with the same goals.


Sampling of Partnerships & Outreach:

Monroe Reformatory Prison through the Chaplaincy program in Monroe, WA.

Women and Family Shelter that provided “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” and “Christianity 101”.

“Restoring the Family workshop”.

"Rainier Beach Action Coalition"

"Department of Social and Health Services".

Friends of Youth and Echo Glen Children’s Center.


Selena’s passion is to see others achieve (become their best self) led her to form TaylorMade Outreach, a nonprofit organization designed to empower individuals and families to THRIVE by connecting them to key resources and opportunities. 


Selena noticed that there was an issue with families that were disconnected from receiving resources and how it was easy for Selena to obtain these services for families in the Community. Selena wants to maintain the tools for families that they need to be successful. It made Selena realize that she was Tailor Made by God.


She realized that she was uniquely designed to give and provide opportunities to make an impact on families on a variety of issues and providing a whole array of resources and tools to empower this next generation to be raised as leaders.


She wants everyone to know that it doesn't matter what nationality they are. God created each of us wonderfully and fearfully. We were designed for a reason and a specific purpose.


Selena wants the Community to know that through the gifts that God has given to her, she will make sure that every gift will be given back to the ones that come across her through TaylorMade Outreach. She was birthed to be TaylorMade. When she is not in engaging in TMO, she is planning and thinking of additional ideas for TMO and spending time with family. She has two wonderful adult children and one beautiful granddaughter that she loves dearly and a Mother who supports her wholeheartedly.

Selena Taylor - 

Executive Director